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Sadly, despite a lot of schools having good sexual health education, these classes are far from extensive and incredibly typically ignore the sexual health of (cis) ladies who sleep along with other (cis) females.

Left to learn about sexual wellness by themselves, naturally, there could be a few things which happen to be uncertain, unidentified or ignored, therefore, with this specific post, we list some incredibly important things that lesbian and bisexual women need to find out about intimate health.

1. Lesbian and Bi Women Are maybe not Immune from STIs

One usual mistaken belief usually lesbian and bisexual ladies cannot get STIs (sexually transmitted problems) through sleeping with women. However, even though threat is notably below for ladies just who sleep with men, STI transmission is actually fairly easy. This can take place with sexual acts that involve any skin to skin get in touch with, experience of fluids, or the posting of adult sex toys – whatever the gender/sex of those included.

2. Couple Of Lesbian and Bi Girls Use Dentistry Dams

Possibly it is because within this mistaken belief (that ladies who sleep with other women cannot contract STIs) that the use of dental care dams (a latex square that may avoid the sign of STIs during oral sex) is amazingly reduced. In an interview with
, sex therapist Dr. Madeleine M. Castellanos unveiled that „less than 10% of females utilize them whatsoever, with just a fraction of them making use of dams regularly“.


3. Condoms Could Be Converted Into Oral Dams

For those who carry out desire to use dental dams maintain by themselves secured during dental intercourse, after that in then lack of an authentic dental care dam, condoms is changed into dental care dams as an alternative. Specifics of
simple tips to to make a condom into a dental care dam are available in the Sexuality and U website

4. Numerous Bisexual Ladies Don’t Tell Their Unique Medical Practioners Their Sex

Per a
Scottish Equality System review
of 513 bisexual people in the UK, 28% of the interviewed mentioned that they will never ever feel comfortable enlightening their particular health practitioners of these sex and 66per cent felt stress to successfully pass since right. A further 42percent of individuals passed as gay or lesbian on their physicians instead of bisexual.

Although this is understandable, it is often very essential for medical doctors to understand a patients sexuality so as to make precise treatment tips and diagnoses.

5. Lesbian and Bi ladies Should Still Get proven (Even in Monogamous connections)

As noted by
, women who are located in a monogamous commitment collectively should not suddenly prevent practicing safe intercourse â€“ whether or not they have been analyzed. Because it can take between three and 6 months for HIV brings about come-back positive, it really is advised you get back and obtain tested again half a year inside connections.

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